How the AMS-WEB Demo works

AMS-WEB Demo contains over 1.000 client’s and demonstration‘s portfolios. These portofolios are daily evaluated  by market prices, we calculate performance, keeping limits, structure of risk involved. By most of modules user selects one concrete portfolio/client and different anlysis and related financial information are available for selected key date. Some of modules (like Portfolio Information) contains information and calculations for all portfolios, some modules just for few portfolios used for the demonstration purpose. Therefore we prepared in the document Tutorial AMS-WEB hints and guided information, how to explore the application in most quick and effective way by selecting the proper portfolios/clients. In case of any questions, please contact us on .

More detailed information related to each module, you can find here.

Demo application is available in English, German and Slovak language.

For quick entrance into application, you can use a public user:

Password: DEMO

User  DEMO_PUBLIC has rights on almost all available functions and portfolios.

Entry to application:

In case, you would like to adjust the set up of individual pages, to keep preferred language, ask for individual/private user. Just send us a short registration e-mail to and we create and send you your private user.

Your mail should contain the following infomation:
Phone numer:
Any comments or notes: