2017 06      
Partner in Local Markets


FINAMIS signed local representation agreements with international producers of software for the financial sector.

The new partners of FINAMIS are Manticore Projects Co Ltd. and QUANTUM DATA ENGINES INDIA PRIVATE LIMTED (QDE). These companies provide software solutions focused on the sensitive areas required by EU law: anti-money laundering (AML), financial transactions from and to suspicious accounts, process automation for detecting tax-evasion of USA citizens (FATCA), and reporting under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


Our partners are renowned producers of the above solutions with numerous installations in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and many positive client references. The cooperation includes not only the promotion and marketing support, but also active participation of FINAMIS experts on future project work, local implementation, and production support for clients. Thanks to the experience of FINAMIS experts in local markets, our partners will gain significant simplification of the entire deployment cycle up to final production.