2021 07      
Implementation of a System for an Asset Management Company in Record Time


The final part of the delivery of the AMS information system for PARTNERS ASSET MANAGEMENT, správ. spol., a.s. (hereinafter as "Partners AM") took place at the end of May 2021. The name of the company itself makes it clear that the newly founded company belongs to the PARTNERS GROUP HOLDING SK family. It is the sister company of the well-known PARTNERS GROUP SK distribution network and the established securities trading company PARTNERS INVESTMENTS. FINAMIS began working with PARTNERS GROUP SK in 2018 during the delivery of an information system for a security trading company - PARTNERS INVESTMENTS. PARTNERS INVESTMENTS was able to begin its business activities 8 months after the order for the software was made thanks to modifications and the delivery of AMS.


Satisfaction with the system's quality and the agile production support provided by FINAMIS was a reason to celebrate at the end of 2020 and the cooperation between the two companies was expanded – this time on the delivery of a system for a new asset management company. The order called for a system that would be able to manage and record a real-estate investment fund, to purchase and sell the fund's share certificates and to automatically contract clients through digital onboarding. The delivered AMS information system customized for Partners AM covers the following functionalities in asset management – NAV calculations, unit share price calculations, management and calculation of several types of fees (management, success). In terms of end client management, FINAMIS delivered functionalities for the management of shareholders, generating statements, automated creation of contractual documents and payment instructions for individual types of framework agreements.


"One of the key requirements for our company's efficient operations in terms of mutual fund management is a top-quality, fast and flexible information system. When selecting the information system provider, it was essential for us to be able to rely on an experienced and established partner with many years of experience on the market. We value especially our supplier's professionalism, speed and flexibility during the analysis of our requests as well as subsequent testing of individual system functionalities and running it in the production environment." Jakub Rosa, member of the board of directors at PARTNERS ASSET MANAGEMENT assessed the project.


AMS is a core system for Partners AM, which means the complete coverage of the main activities using a single information system. The supplier's focus on a platform-independent solution and open source components of the system played a role in the selection process, as these represent significant savings during cost optimization. Finally, it is important to mention one more fact – thanks to the product-oriented approach to the development of AMS as well as agile reactions to the development capacities for client modifications, the project duration was cut down to 6 months from the moment the order was placed to the final delivery, which is an impressive feat for an IT project of this size.