Experience in providing AMS in SaaS mode.


Finamis, a developer and supplier of software solutions for investment banking and financial services, launched the Asset Management Suite (AMS) information system in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode in April 2023. Today, we bring you our insights and experience after almost a year of operation with our Slovak client Winners Group, a.s.

SaaS mode in practice

The AMS information system runs on technical resources in the cloud, with leased computing capacity and hardware. This approach to infrastructure and services brings a number of benefits to the operator, which we would like to share with readers in the following paragraphs.

Hassle-free operation

"As a supplier, Finamis independently covers incident management, patch management and change management, which leads to efficient and reliable operation of the information system," says Martin Marušinec, IT manager at Finamis. Since going into production in 2023, there have been no issues that would lead to production limitations on the operator's side or that would make the web app unavailable to the end-client investors.

Flexibility and reduced costs

The benefits of the above business model for operators are obvious and can be summarized in several areas, such as a significant reduction of the internal IT team, the ability to quickly adjust data storage capacity and computing power as needed.

The SaaS model minimizes the capital cost for setting up internal IT infrastructure and also reduces the overall cost of operations.

In terms of payments, the service can either have fixed payments or not. Service billing is based on actual time worked, which we see as a client benefit in the form of reduced fixed monthly costs.

Security and requirements of supervisory authorities

The operation of AMS in the form of a software-as-a-service business model is also approved by the financial market supervisory authority. The restriction of the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) applies only to the requirement that the physical location of the data repository is in the Slovak Republic, according to the registered office of the operator.

Future plans

Finamis, s.r.o. and the entire AMS team are ready to offer this model of the AMS information system to other interested parties in case of demand.
Currently, the project of AMS in SaaS mode for a foreign partner outside the EU is under development. The client is a foreign bank for which the AMS system will provide automation in the field of investment banking and wealth management.