2018 04      
Finamis Is Now a Part of ARBES Technologies


Through the acquisition of Finamis, ARBES Technologies is streangthening its position in the area of solutions for capital markets in Central and Eastern Europe.


ARBES Technologies, a leading provider of information systems for banking and financial markets has obtained a majority share in the Slovak company Finamis that specializes in financial services provision software. A new specialized team comprising hundreds of experts has been created by merging the activities of both companies. This team will cover the delivery of software solutions and consultations for capital markets that service financial institutions in Germany, Austria and Hungary as well as the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Overall, the ARBES group will provide services for more than 100 clients and will have almost 250 IT experts at its disposal.


The goal of the acquisition is to strategically strengthen ARBES Technologies' position in the segment of solutions for capital markets, treasury and custody. Both companies use the full potential of their experts to design new generations of products for the given area, whereby the current solutions will continue to be supported for all clients.


"Connecting both companies is unique mainly in terms of quality, size and the experience of our team of experts, which we were already strategically streangthening in the course of 2017. The mutual know-how and over 25 years of experience with software solutions for the banking sector and financial and capital markets also plays a very significant role," says Michal Houštecký, CEO of ARBES Technologies.


After the activities of both companies are merged, ARBES Technologies and Finamis will have a team of hundreds of experts for the given area at its disposal. They will therefore be the largest provider of solutions for capital markets, treasury and custody on the Czech and Slovak markets and one of the largest regional suppliers. Individual teams will continue to operate out of Prague, Brno and Bratislava and the company is also prepared to manage regionally located teams, which will share partial responsibilities amongst themselves. Finamis will be a Slovak subsidiary of ARBES Technologies.


The dual team will first service the current regions of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Germany.  Expansion into other countries, however, is expected, especially along with the new generation of solutions for software support of capital markets, custody, treasury and the distribution of mutual funds including trading platforms for traders.



FINAMIS is a company providing IT solutions for financial institutions in the area of investment banking and leasing. The Austrian Exchange – Information Technologies EDV Consulting (ex-it) founded the company in 2000 for the purpose of developing software in Bratislava. As of 2007, the collective had been the subsidiary of CPB SOFTWARE AG Wien, where the product assortment for the administration of investment portfolios was developed and a separate team had emerged, developing information systems for leasing. The management buy out of 2010 has brought new challenges in the form of separation from the parent CPBS. The FINAMIS collective is systematically building up its good name as a reliable FinTech supplier of products on the basis of state-of-the-art technology, thorough knowledge of customers' needs and the delivery of projects within the agreed-upon timeframe and budget. Domestic and foreign banks, private banking departments, management, investment and pension companies, security traders and leasing companies all use FINAMIS products and services.


About ARBES Technologies
ARBES Technologies was founded in 1991. During its many years of operations, ARBES has gained prolific experience in the area of design, development and software solution support. The portfolio of information systems of ARBES Technologies thus includes comprehensive and state-of-the art solutions for retail and private banking, investment portfolio management, security trading, administration and distribution of open mutual funds, financial leasing and a solution for enterprise content management and business process management.  Since 2011 ARBES has also been developing a solution for content management and business process support on the Alfresco and Documentum platforms. As of 2014, ARBES also delivers complete solutions for leasing companies, it integrates biometric signatures and monitors new trends in technology and includes them in its solutions.