2013 01      
Successful cooperation with Chapman University (California) and Anglo-American University (Prague)


Recently a leading university incorporated AMS-WEB® financial software into their graduate educational program. The MBA-level course was entitled "Investments" and was taken by students enrolled in Chapman University's Prague MBA Program at Anglo-American University in Prague. The feedback from both the students and the instructor was positive.


The commercial software was modified and provided free-of-charge to the students for the study of financial subjects. The students had a great experience working with AMS-WEB® financial software, which is normally available only for banking professionals or for experienced investors. The top performing student portfolio had a 9% performance during the course experience. In the case of a real investment and recovery at the same rate, the portfolio would increase an unbelievable 60%. This excellent result is high above the average of a comparable benchmark index – and reflects the skillful investing strategy of the MBA students.

Mr. Pavel Streblov, the Chapman University course instructor, stated

"My own personal experience as well as the experience of students was very positive. We appreciated the quick response to our questions, and the clarity of the AMS-WEB® financial software. Let me express our appreciation for the great opportunity to use this platform and the Help Desk support during the course. The students gave this learning experience a very high rating and commented that it really contributed to the success of the course. We would like to use this system again next year!"


We appreciate Mr. Streblov´s opinion and are pleased to hear the project was successful, and happy that the positive benefits of our AMS-WEB® financial software enhanced the educational process for future financial professionals.