2022 06      
An Innovative Landing Page for the AMS Product Range


We have completed the redesign of the website for the launch of the core product Asset Management Suite (AMS) and related applications for the management of investment portfolios and financial assets. The site will be used as an entry point in client installations – a central entry point for internal users to access the applications.


After many years of providing a functional but minimalistic version of the GUI, we have made a radical change to the site. The graphics feature the current ARBES Technologies color scheme. In addition, we have used the space to access modules that are compatible with and functionally complement the AMS / AMS-WEB / AMS Investor product line. For example, the reporting module for the Czech National Bank, known as SDAT. Furthermore, modules such as Product Finder, Limits or MiFID Q (Questionnaire), which were created in response to legislative requirements (of regulatory authorities such as ESMA, directives of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU) for the sale of investment products.


The site is designed to flexibly provide additional space for those modules that form part of the emerging Digital Platform (ADP) in the ARBES group. The new version of the graphical interface will be included in the installation packages and for existing installations, it will be replaced with the next delivery of software updates.