FINAMIS has entered into a contract with IIP for the supply of financial software and digitalization of investment services


FINAMIS is pleased to announce the start of collaboration with International Investment Platform, o.c.p., a.s. (hereinafter referred to as "IIP") for the delivery and implementation of an information system for the management of financial assets, securities and related investment services.


According to this contract, FINAMIS, as a financial software supplier, will deliver and implement the Asset Management Suite (hereinafter referred to as AMS) software with the following functional modules: AMS Core, Back Office, Trading Book and Digital Onboarding. In addition, the AMS-WEB web application for internal users, investment intermediaries and end clients will also be delivered. A universal mobile investment application called Arbes Mobile Application (AMA) will also be delivered as part of this agreement, which will be designed for retail investors, end-clients of IIP.


The planned configuration of the system to be supplied is designed to handle the workload of 20 internal users, approximately 300 investment intermediaries as well as 10,000 end clients and the management of their investment portfolio.


The delivery of a modern and powerful software solution will enable IIP to efficiently manage assets, provide quality investment services and open up space for the flexible creation of new financial products. Finamis is proud to contribute its know-how, high-performance software and technological solutions to the development of IIP on the Slovak market. Thanks to the new strategic-technological cooperation between IIP and FINAMIS, the provision of investment services is expected to rise to a higher level and to bring benefits to all parties involved.



International Investment Platform, o.c.p., a.s. provides customized investment products through a network of carefully selected partners who work together to distribute investment solutions tailored to fit each investor's profile. It provides a wide range of investment services in compliance with the MIFID Directive, the Securities Act and within the EU under a single European passport.