Assets administration via web


AMS-WEB® is a modern software product designated for investment banking which was developed in accordance with current technological trend. It provides banker, financial advisors as well as final clients with online access to information on portfolios, investment products. It enables administration of assets and place investment orders online.


Information available for user

  • Actual and historical asset values including analysis of capital employed
  • Portfolio analysis with asset allocation by countries, branches and currencies including fund-in-fund drill down
  • Absolute and relative performance calculation including benchmark comparison and many additional key performance indicators
  • Representation of all historical transactions based on security, money market and foreign exchange transactions
  • Representation of all historical account transaction including details
  • Consolidation of several portfolios (e.g. of all family members)
  • Credit and loan contract information including account balances and historical interest rates
  • Representation of all transaction volumes, total number of managed portfolios, list of accounts, accumulative turnower



"Our company carries on business in the area of professional administration of assets. Information we provide to our clients, we find to be highly confidential. Therefore we were looking for a proper tool. Several times we have ascertained that AMS-WEB enables us to meet the requirement of our clients for providing information. We have been using the application since 2009."

Tomáš Královič
CEO, M Securities o.c.p., a.s., 2012

Functionality and Properties

  • Complex portfolio analysis
  • Integrated risk management
  • Order management
  • Conform GUI integration  to clients Corporate Identity environment
  • One button export to Excel or PDF
  • Individual customized reporting
  • 24/7 access to portfolios
  • Responsible design for tablets and smart phones
  • Presentation mode - allows compatibility with third-party systems via interfaces
  • Scalable modular architecture allows to serve large FSIs as well as smaller ones
  • Suitable for companies /depatrments with different services (private banking dept., investment, fund or  asset management companies, brokerage firms)

Main Modules

Portfolio Information


Portfolio Information provides a clear overview of assets, asset performance, including various additional key performance indicators, historical transactions, capitalized income value analysis, country-, currency- and branch allocation analysis. Full, extensive and comprehensive information not only for your security portfolio

Management Information


for your distribution channel partner business or outsourced portfolio management business the AMS-WEB Management Information provides unlimited hierarchical consolidation levels which represents detailed information for each level and special customized order functionality (integrated with AMS-WEB Order Management)

Risk manager


check and evaluate with the taken risk of a portfolio via Value-at-Risk calculation. Drill down each portfolio position in the value-at-risk calculation and analyze the proportional risk. Define and run simulations to analyze possible market scenarios or portfolio optimization impacts

Order Management


orders can be placed during the customer investment advice meeting or automatic via collective orders for effective portfolio rebalancing. The order settlement is guaranteed based on position and investment profile checks and represented in an clear and comprehensive open order position overview

Report Generator


provides off line report generation for any information provided by AMS-WEB Portfolio Analyzer. All reports are saved and updated with current information. This guarantees quick retrieval in preparation for your next customer meeting, and allows simplify and automate regular reporting


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AMS-WEB® Demo contains over 1.000 client's and demonstration‘s portfolios. These portofolios are daily evaluated  by market prices, we calculate performance, keeping limits, structure of risk involved. By most of modules user selects one concrete portfolio/client and different anlysis and related financial information are available for selected key date. Some of modules (like Portfolio Information) contains information and calculations for all portfolios, some modules just for few portfolios used for the demonstration purpose. Demo application is available in English, German and Slovak language.




We prepared some basic hints and guided information, how to explore the application in most quick and effective way by selecting the proper portfolios/clients.






For quick entrance into application, you can use a public user:


Login name: DEMO_PUBLIC
Password: DEMO


User DEMO_PUBLIC has rights on almost all available functions and portfolios. In case of any questions use our helpdesk service.

Contact us on ams-helpdesk(at)finamis.com




Individual account


In case, you would like to adjust the set up of individual pages, to keep preferred language, ask for individual/private user. Just send us a short registration e-mail to office(at)finamis.com and we will create and send you your private user.

Your mail should contain the following infomation:


Adress: office(at)finamis.com
Subject: Individual user


Phone numer:
Any comments or notes:

Individual Demo AMS-WEB®account


What is AMS-WEB: Broker used for?

It is functionally based on AMS-WEB® application. Moreover, it supports active trading in real time. through a direct interconnection to a financial portal, it is able to react really flexible to investment possibilities, without any need to contact bank workers. The application core provides a complex administration of investment portfolios such as registering, reporting, and fees.


AMS-WEB:Broker offers synergy to operators as well as final clients.

  • Rising the competitiveness of the operator
  • Simple integration with existing systems of the third parties
  • Access of clients from various types of final devices (PC, tablet, smart phone)
  • Scale distribution – selection for beginning investors, full functionality for those who trade intensively





Placing orders    
Near a real time quotation/price from markets    
Management, administration support, charging of providing near and real time prices based on the contract with final clients    
Minimalization of application response, scale, load balancing in accordance with number of users trading in parallel    
Orders overview    
Real time interface for investment accounts    
Direct connection to trading system of stock exchange or through a partner in the role of broker    
Integration with financial portal    



Raiffeisenbank a.s., ČR - financial portal

FINAMIS has developed and implemented for Raiffeisenbank, a.s. a portal solution with automatized interconnection for registered clients to trading.

Financial portal is implemented in cooperation with salesXp GmbH Vienna and with a product Prime Portal.

Implemented solution 




* RBroker is a trade name used for AMS-WEB: Broker by a specific client