Comprehensive Screening of Entities


KPS is a software tool that serves as a comprehensive data source for experts to evaluate credit risks. It searches information from several sources on the screened entity, include it in a transparent and structured report, and automatically identifies risks associated therewith. All this in accordance with the know-how and procedures of the organization using the system.


Customer Segments

KPS brings benefits to companies that need to get a variety of information on the business partner or client. Most commonly used by financial companies:


  • Banks and savings-banks
  • Leasing and factoring companies
  • Non-bank financial institution and other entities

Found data helps experts to faster and better evaluate the rate of risk compared to the standard method.


How Does It Work?

The application collects and presents consolidated data on the screened entity, transaction, or other related entities. The entity may be a natural person, an entrepreneur, or legal person.
If desired, FINAMIS offers the customer an integration of multiple resources into the KPS. This may include publicly available registers, internal sources of information, or service registries.


Key Features

  • Web part of the application provides user with a user-friendly environment. The standard logging into a single system; you can forget about lengthy, complicated, and multiple logins to other applications. KPS will do all that for you automatically.
  • The screening takes place in the background. The user will receive first results already after just a few seconds after the start.
  • Each database has a different structure of information. Instead of tiresome searching of data, the KPS will display only such information, which is required by the user. Data are in a single structure, ready for review.
  • Critical factors are highlighted in warning lights. The user is thus warned of any missing or critical valoes.
  • The results are generated into a PDF document, which are to be easily attached to the case in electronic or printed form.
  • Thanks to the Lock feature, the document can be protected against subsequent modifications. The Lock contains information about the date, time, and the person who made the screening.



UniCredit Leasing Slovakia, a.s.                                                                                                                              
FINAMIS delivered the application in 2013


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