Application for Leasing Companies


FINAMIS has several years of experience with software development for leasing companies. Since 2005, for example, the company has began an extensive cooperation with UniCredit Leasing (formerly CAC Leasing).


We have morphed the knowledge and experience into a sophisticated software platform named LEA. It is an information system that understands workflow of leasing companies, automate their processes, and help them to achieve higher working efficiency. LEA covers a wide range of business operations from the front-end (offers, transactions, data and document collection, printouts) to the back-end functionality (creation and management of products, insurance management, approval, statistics, contracts exports). Within the application, the users are working on different hierarchical levels, from the product, insurance, and risk managers to the dealers and third-party vendors.



  • It runs under Windows and is based on client-server architecture.
  • Allows to work in an offline mode, without internet
  • Maintenance costs remain low even in case of a large number of installations

Integration with Third-Party Systems

  • The advantage of LEA is a long and well-tuned integration with commercially widespread system MARK IV.


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