Software as a Service

The financial services sector is following the trends in the society and tries to adapt. Therefore, the demand for online and mobile services is penetrating into retail and investment banking. There is a growing interest among the operators to transfer their in-house software installations to cloud services.


The development of our products follows the trend in order to offer attractive solutions. For online investment services, we offer a proven and successful product – AMS-WEB©. Mobile version of this application is prepared to allow for the rapid deployment to clients.


We provide the service to selected universities in our region through a remote service. Finance courses students actively manage their portfolio in order to best assess a fictitious capital.* Service in this form can be an effective marketing tool for commercial providers of investment services (banks, asset management companies, security dealers). Outsourcing of an investment game is available to them without the need for in-house installation. Thanks to an attractive campaign, the investment game has the potential to increase the proportion of customers who subsequently decide to actually make an investment.

* Several effective financial instruments for fictitious purchase and sale are available.  We provide adjusted market prices to update the value of an asset.


What are the benefits of SaaS in case of a full commercial deployment?

  • CAPEX savings
  • Quick business startup
  • No need to maintain software installations.
  • Possibility to work anywhere
  • Dynamic change in the use of HW according to actual needs
  • Easy access to additional features, such as connectors to different market data providers, interfaces to import / export of data from third-party applications



"My own personal experience as well as the experience of students was very positive. We appreciated the quick response to our questions, and the clarity of the financial software. The students gave this learning experience a very high rating and commented that it really contributed to the success of the course."

Pavel Streblov, teacher
Anglo-American University, Prague, 2013

"Thank you for providing the software for our students. The project involved around 80 students and may saw this as a valuable experience".

Igor Melicherčík, teacher
FMFI UK, Bartislava, 2015


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