2023 07      
Information system for managing clients and financial assets at Winners Investments o.c.p., a.s. goes into production


We have previously made an announcement on our website about the signing of the contract for the supply of an information system for Winners Investments o.c.p., a.s.. At present, all phases of the project have been completed successfully and the activities of the securities traders are supported by the information system supplied by Finamis already in live mode of operation.


Winners Investments o.c.p., a.s., operates the Asset Management Suite (AMS) system for the distribution of investment products, management of contracted clients, their investments, as well as for other activities closely related to the provision of financial services. Finamis, a member of the Czech Arbes Technologies, a.s., developed and delivered the standard core modules of AMS, including the AMS-WEB internet application. This combination of products was chosen because of their uniformity, functional reliability and rapid implementation of the information system. The delivered system also meets the criteria of the market regulator for the activity of a securities trader.


The implementation for Winners Investments includes a set of standard tools for automating investment services. In addition, at the client's request, specific modifications were made to the report generation by design, which was customized to fit in with the company's corporate identity. Modifications include the color schemes of the AMS-WEB application environment, logo, font type, widget layout, and client report structure.


What is new for FINAMIS is the form of software installation and its ongoing maintenance. Winners Investments is the first ever client for whom Finamis also provides the hardware part of the project. Hardware as a Service, abbreviated HaaS, refers to services where the computing power of an information system is rented out by the software provider. HaaS is similar to models in which users lease third-party technical resources rather than buying them. Finamis support includes server management, incident management, patch management and configuration changes triggered by incident management. Ongoing support also includes vendor-induced configuration changes and the AMS application itself. Another interesting change in the client workflow is the way the reports are sent. "Unlike the previous practice of sending statements to the end client's email address, Winners Investments will for the first time use the post box space directly in the AMS-WEB web app. This will be activated and available to all clients," explains Pavol Seres, Key Account Manager at Finamis.


Photo: freepik.com