Leading CEE universities have included AMS-WEB® into their education program

The significant benchmark of quality related to education is the utilization of theoretical knowledge with practical application, which seems to be an important requirement for future professional success of graduates. Covering that principle is for universities often difficult and expensive because some special teaching "tools" are available only in the commercial sphere. For academic needs are these instruments financially unavailable. This applies to both public and private universities.


Since autumn 2012 FINAMIS started a non-profit cooperation with universities in CEE area. The aim of activity is to provide financial courses with appropriate software application. It is a unique combination of theoretical knowledge in investments and the possibility to practice the financial market motion by the stock-exchange investment simulation.


Both the students and the instructors works with modified version of AMS-WEB® Demo. Using the  web based application they can simulate the management of own investment portfolio and test the pitfalls of investing and try to obtain the best performance. Students get their first practical work experience in competitive way. Course instructors appreciate the unique form of education, which contributes to the attractiveness of the course.


Accredited Slovak and Czech private universities are integrated to the first phase of project. In the near future a branch of American private university located in Vienna, Austria, takes part in the project.


Course instructor statement:

"Students welcome the opportunity to apply theoretical calculations in practice on real capital markets with the AMS-WEB© app. At the beginning of the semester, students are assigned a project which they work on for ca. 3 months, which is sufficient time to achieve relevant results. The app was presented exhaustively and students were very happy about the existence of a mobile app. We hope that the cooperation will expand in the future, as it helps our faculty to keep in touch with the practice."

Mr. Ľudovít Pinda, course instructor

Faculty of Economic Informatics at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, 2018


"My own personal experience as well as the experience of students was very positive. We appreciated the quick response to our questions, and the clarity of the AMS-WEB® financial software. Let me express our appreciation for the great opportunity to use this platform and the Help Desk support during the course. The students gave this learning experience a very high rating and commented that it really contributed to the success of the course. We would like to use this system again next year!"


Mr. Pavel Streblov, course instructor

Anglo-American University, Prague, 2013