Since it was established, Intertech developed four Core Banking Packages that were used in many domestic and international banks. The major goal of Intertech is to get the primary position among other similar and follower in the international market.


The Core Banking system of Intertech is enhanced by solution Asset Management Suite in scope of management, back office, reporting and accounting of securities.

salesXp offers exclusive data- service- and software solutions for retail banks, private banks, online broker, asset manager, exchanges and issuers. salesXp is distribution- and integration partner of  FactSet  for Austria as well as Central and Eastern Europe and is responsible for the implementation of complex projects. Based on long years of experience, the company is specialist for tailormade and seamless integrated solutions for financial service providers.

Joint stock company STYRAX is a young and dynamic company which provides development and implementation of information systems including analytical and consulting services. Styrax represents FINAMIS on the Czech market and supports its sales and marketing activities.

The Slovak Leasing Company Association (ALS SR) is an interest association of companies operating in the area of property leasing and rental. It protects and promotes its members' interests and creates environment in which lessees can fully use the advantages of using and acquiring property in various form of rental. The association is part of international leasing association structures – Leaseurope.


Finamis applied for a status of an associate member in 2019 on the bases on its development and product orientation on leasing companies and on the basis of long-term cooperation with the Association itself in the area of development, implementation and support of Vehicle Registry – the largest set of refinanced vehicles in Slovakia.