2020 12

Commodity derivatives trading company implements the ARBES AMS system

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2020 11

New client for the ARBES AMS system

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2020 07

Increased Interest in Innovative Solutions for Investment Banking and Capital Markets at a Time When the Economy is Limited. A Retrospective Look at Business during Quarantine and the State of Emergency

FINAMIS and Czech ARBES Technologies, which have been developing information systems for investment banking and capital markets together since 2018, have registered a surprisingly large amount of interest in software solutions for the managing and trading of assets. We present several factors and insights from the past several months:

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2020 06

Twenty Years as an IT Provider for the Financial Sector. FINAMIS Anniversary

FINAMIS was built step by step from a single branch in Bratislava, which had programmed financial software for an Austrian IT company, to become an independent developer with a specialized product catalog and a portfolio of clients in four different EU countries. Leading banks and financial companies are among the company's clients on the Czech and Slovak markets.

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2019 10

PARTNERS INVESTMENTS Launches a Robo Investment Service

PARTNERS INVESTMENTS o.c.p., a.s. plans on satisfying the growing demand for attractive investment opportunities through investments into managed portfolios comprising stock and bond ETF funds. The company offers their clients attractive products using the latest technology. The distribution process is modern, fast and automated with minimal activity required by the financial agent. PARTNERS INVESTMENTS uses technology from FINAMIS, s.r.o. for the implementations.

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