Raiffeisenbank a.s.  / Czech republic

Raiffeisenbank a.s. belongs to the biggest and most important banks in the Czech republic. FINAMIS has been providing to the bank the products and support since 2007.


At the beginning of the cooperation, Finamis provided the AMS system for the needs of the department of Asset Management in the bank. The support was gradually expanded to different segments of clients with different management and different types of contracts. The system supports effective work for different types of user: asset managers, private bankers, salespersons in the treasury department, personal advisers in retail segment. Each type of user has a specific view on a client and different pattern of structure of invested money.


Web extension AMS-WEB©, which was implemented by FINAMIS in the bank in 2011, is a modern communication and trade channel between the bank and a final customer. The web layer provided at the beginning passive view of the state of property. Later, for the registered clients, there was added the possibility of active trading on the financial markets in the real time. At the present time,  AMS-WEB© enables aggregate online view of the investments of a client managed by different bank office systems of the bank. This is the functionality which could be appreciated by both internal bank officers as well as final clients themselves.


Raiffeisenbank a.s., under the brand RBroker, implemented the products of AMS and AMS-WEB© for the management of all its final clients in the segment of investment. In the final IT architecture, the products and solutions of FINAMIS help to the bank more significantly.

Customer valuation

„The system setup to support investment banking was supplied by Finamis, our long term strategic IT partner for investment banking, treasury and asset management, on time and in the required quality. As a result, customers transferred to Raiffeisenbank from Citibank received full support for all investments products."


Jan Pudil
Member of the management board at Raiffeisenbank a.s., CZ
Executive Director of the Treasury and Investment Banking, 2016