Stabilita, d.d.s., a.s.  / Slovak republic

The business activity of the supplementary pension company Stabilita, d.d.s., a.s. consists of the creation and management of supplementary pension funds of employers and savings participants. In 2006, the founders and shareholders of the company were looking in the market for a supplier to provide and implement a system for the automated management of pension fund assets. After a presentation of the Asset Management Suite (AMS), the governing bodies decided to implement this system because of the benefits for Stabilita, d.d.s., a.s. from both the software and the cooperation with the predecessor of today's Finamis.


After a business needs analysis, at the turn of 2006/2007 the developers modified the AMS functionality for the client. Out of the available functionalities, Stabilita mainly uses the tools associated with asset management, which are focused on transaction assignment and the pricing of a wide variety of financial tools. In addition, trading and fees records and the calculation of net asset value and tools related to risk management through the Risk Vantage module, which is used to manage liquidity and create analyses and reports for risk measurement and monitoring. ‘What if scenarios' are used to test the impact of interest rate changes, and changes in index values and exchange rates on asset values in a managed fund. The Value at Risk module helps risk managers reduce investment risks to an acceptable level.


STABILITA, d.d.s., a.s. has been using the AMS in production since April 2007. In addition to time and work savings for its highly qualified professionals, Stabilita also benefits from the support of the software supplier as a long-term IT partner. This support includes swift reaction to production requirements, as well as software updates based on the company's own needs, or on changes to legislation. In 2015, Stabilita asked Finamis to additionally implement functionality called Fund Report. The delivery of fund performance measurement (profits from transactions, performance at position level) and the automated export of test scenario results has been prepared. In terms of work automation, nothing is now preventing Stabilita from also utilizing other modules and functionalities they are either currently using on a smaller scale, or have not yet used.


Customer valuation

„The decision to contact Finamis and the subsequent implementation of the AMS application with multiple requested functionalities was the right choice for Stabilita, and has undoubtedly led to a faster improvement in the quality of its fund management and risk management processes. Our satisfaction is demonstrated through our ten years of mutual and successful cooperation."

Tomáš Snítilý
Senior Risk Manager, 2016