Raiffeisen Investment Company / Czech republic

Raiffeisen investiční společnost a.s. (RIS) is a 100% subsidiary of Raiffeisenbank a.s. It forms its own distribution and business model in cooperation with the parent bank. RIS complements the bank by offering investment instruments, particularly unit trusts for retail clients as well as for clients of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen private banking. Another aim is to further develop the already successful Asset Management.


In terms of effective exploitation of the software that in 2012 was already installed at the bank, FINAMIS additionally implemented an interoperability function for RIS. Through this solution, a single software installation at the bank can serve numerous departments or affiliate companies. Apart from the cost savings, the bank's core activities significantly benefit from sharing existing data, support for identical processes between the individual companies, as well as the option of separating sensitive data to only be displayed to defined individuals, etc.


For the parent bank, the interoperability solution is a strategic instrument for making information available to end clients. It gives them an overview of all the Raiffeisen products and services they use, all in one place.




Customer valuation

„During our cooperation we succeeded in implementing a proficient system in the area of asset management. It involves individual portfolio asset management, offers Front office functionality for fund management as well as end client access to the financial markets. I value highly the professional attitude and involvement of Finamis employees in their approach to client requests."

Michal Ondruška
Head of Asset Management, Raiffeisenbank CZ
Board member, CEO, Raiffeisen Investment Company, 2016