SLÁVIA CAPITAL, a.s.  / Slovak  republic

After years of using a bespoke software to provide their investment services, SLÁVIA CAPITAL, a.s., obchodník s cennými papiermi has made a radical change and decided to replace the in-house software with a standardized software product enabling customized adaptation.


After conducting a research among software suppliers, the company's management accepted FINAMIS's offer to implement the Asset Management Suite (AMS) system. At that time, the system was well-known on the market and implemented for several securities dealers. SLÁVIA CAPITAL heard positive testimonials related to the product itself and the overall cooperation with FINAMIS by other users.

AMS will cover all business needs of the securities dealer in a single system without the need to develop interface for other systems. It will also cover requirements set by the MiFID II directive, the anti-money laundering directive and the US anti-tax evasion act known as FATCA. AMS allows automation of processes related to reporting, contractual documentation, SLÁVIA's services as a member of the Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic and centralization of activities related to primary note of securities to its parental investment group.

One of the benefits of such solution is the integration of all necessary features into a single system (all in one) and in terms of future use, the access to new versions with technical and functional updates. An immense advantage for a smaller entity, such as a securities dealer, is the division of costs of further development with all AMS users and an almost immediate expansion of the application with a web interface or a trendy mobile version for end clients, which have also been developed by FINAMIS.



About company:

SLÁVIA CAPITAL, a.s. obchodník s cennými papiermi has been in business since 1995, providing services related to financial instruments on securities markets in Slovakia and abroad. SLÁVIA CAPITAL, a.s., obchodník s cennými papiermi mainly focuses on the provision of services such as buying and selling of financial instruments, settlement of trade with financial instruments, administration and safekeeping of financial instruments, custodianship of financial instruments, services as a member of the Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic, a.s. and the placement of financial instruments.



Customer valuation

„SLÁVIA CAPITAL, a.s., obchodník s cennými papiermi is always interested in improving the quality of the services that we provide to our clients. Therefore, the company's management decided to invest in a new information system AMS provided by FINAMIS. This cooperation with a renowned supplier will help us further enhance our activities and ensure the compliance with all legal and technical parameters imposed by the legislation."


Valéria Horváthová,
Head of Settlement & Cash flow management, 2018