Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen / Czech republic

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (FWR) is a distinct brand in the Raiffeisen International group. In the seven countries served by the Raiffeisen network, it offers exclusive private banking services that are founded on a knowledge of clients' financial needs. Services were launched in the Czech Republic in 2011. Software solutions for managing and serving clients are provided by the FINAMIS products AMS, AMS-WEB®.


When setting up the services, the bank needed software allowing it to serve selected Asset Management clients alongside new FWR private banking clients. FINAMIS designed a solution on the basis of tried and tested products that could be adapted to satisfy this need. Asset Management clients are managed under the well-established "yellow" Raiffeisenbank brand, where private banking clientele is also recorded and administered. At the front-end, the bank is able to set which brand will be available to the end client. The difference is in the scope of services, in web application graphics, and of course the brand also appears in the design of reports generated for end clients, which can be printed directly from the web application. At the time they were launched, these services represented a premium offer. FWR private banking is regularly ranked as one of the top private banks in the Czech Republic.


The bank created a distinct brand for the affluent segment, which was a key requirement from a business perspective. Internal software solutions, with the support of FINAMIS and the AMS, AMS-WEB® products, allow users at the bank to effectively manage clients, portfolios and products through a single software by sharing available information.


The solution offers the bank benefits such as:


  • reduced expenses for HW / SW, savings on licensing fees
  • time saved migrating data to a new system
  • considerable time reduction - extended functionality was implemented, not a new system
  • time saved building interfaces for local software systems
  • the advantage of a stable, debugged system that is integrated into the bank's IT environment